The Cobra A4138 Thatcham Cat 1 Alarm offers all the reassurance and high quality you’d expect from such a prestigious company. Coupled with the fact it’s been certified by Thatcham it’s credentials to secure are assured.

Offering such features as the Anti Hijack Facility to bring about a quick and safe shutdown of the vehicle it stops criminals in their tracks.

The Cobra A4138 offers brand new security aspects including the automatic hazard light warning feature which activates the hazard lights automatically in the event of emergency braking.

The Panic Facility features on the key fob which activates the alarm’s siren should a scenario arise which requires such action. In a personal attack situation depressing secondary button on the remote will sound the siren for 30 seconds (or until the secondary button is depressed again).

Also featuring an Emergency Override function should you need to disable the alarm manually, the Cobra A4138 Thatcham Cat 1 Alarm has all situations covered.

And the siren is a class leader, it’s shrill and loud enough to get attention and deter, exactly how a great alarm should be. With the option to set a desired volume for the arm and dis-arm chirps

Product specification:

  • Thatcham Cat 1
  • 2 x Circuit Immobiliser
  • Mini Modular Design
  • ACE Technology Remote Controls
  • Panic Facility
  • Emergency Override
  • Second Siren/Pager Output
  • Auto Door Locking (Vehicle Speed Sensor)
  • Anti Hijack Facility
  • Two year Warranty

Safety Features:

  • Hazard Warning Alert upon Emergency Braking
  • Speed Limit Alert
  • Reverse Buzzer Alert


“Quite simply, if a product carries the Thatcham Quality Assured trademark – you can rely on it!” – Thatcham Research

Thatcham Cat 1 Approved


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