Key cloning is a huge threat to modern cars but it’s not the only. With car parts becoming increasingly valuable unscrupulous thieves are removing them directly from the car. The Cobra ProtectAll Alarm features a tilt sensor and microwave sensor. Designed to stop thieves from stealing your alloys this alarm is particularly suited for hot hatches.

Question – How do thieves break into higher end cars and or steal them with no apparent damage?

1/Last year, half of 89,000 car break-ins in London used a cloned key so it’s a fact 44,500 cars keyless entry was compromised,  A mix of old and new cars in this statistic diluting clone/hack issue.

2/A group of Israeli and Belgian researchers found a vulnerability in Keeloq the algorithm that is used to secure RF anti-theft digital key systems in numerous vehicles, including those made by such companies as Honda, Ford, General Motors, Mercedes Benz and others. Using a portable device or a laptop it’s possible to scan a car key and replicate it.

Why is cloning possible?
Your cars OBD II port is open because European competition rules require diagnostic programming to be available by non-franchised dealers.

Where is cloning done?
Cloning can be done in a local hand car wash, franchise and non franchise dealers or even as you park up at your local supermarket it takes 30 seconds.

Why is Keyless Ignition a problem?
Once digital key cloned their simply presses start button to unlock steering lock and start vehicle.

Where do car thieves buy tools?
Edilock in Bulgaria predominantly selling programmers and blank keys.

What happens to stolen vehicles?
Some used in secondary offence ram raising etc.
UK Chop Shops dismantle stolen cars quickly then parts are boxed up & moved off our shores within hours of the theft. Anywhere in UK you are no more than 75 miles from the Sea. Parts of cars and whole cars are shipped to right hand drive counties predominantly.  In the Czech Republic, there are 2.7 million registered cars of these 450,000 (16%) cars were once stolen or contain stolen parts.

What can we do?
The Cobra ProtectAll Alarm Immobiliser gives your car keys a passive digital signature so no cloned key will start the car because the digital signature (ADR Card) needs to be present. Additionally, the cloned Key will not disarm the alarm which will sound when vehicle is presented with a cloned key, warning away the thief.

The ADR card on our alarms can be conveniently attached to your vehicle key and works passively for your comfort and ease.

If car is stolen under this condition and vehicle is taken then SVR is also an excellent solution.

Traditionally there are three lines of defence in the electronic fight  against vehicle crime.

1/Alarm – deterrent and guard against theft from a vehicle.
2/Immobiliser – prevent theft of a vehicle.
3/Tracking Device – Recover  a stolen vehicle.

Now it appears the fight has become Hi Tech! Adding a fourth line of defence 4/ Anti Hack/clone alarm immobiliser.

COBRA have the ONLY alarm that uses OE key to remain armed in a hack clone situation, and it’s a comfortable convenient solution.

Cobra ProtectAll Alarm Features:-

  • Uses vehicles OEM Remote
  • Thatcham category 2-1
  • High power battery back up wireless siren
  • Ultrasonic protection
  • Perimetric protection
  • Pager/Siren output
  • 2 x ADR card
  • Microwave
  • Tilt Sensor detector

“Quite simply, if a product carries the Thatcham Quality Assured trademark – you can rely on it!” – Thatcham Research


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