4 Eye Rear ParkMaster A0158
Rear parking system with 4 sensors.

Sensors can be painted to match the colour of your vehicle enabling you to benefit from the system’s practicality without compromising on style. Can be installed on all types of vehicles including: motorhomes, passenger cars and commercial vehicles.

Complies with ISO 9001 standard and ISO 17386 for 2004, specific to low speed manoeuvres

Product specification
4 Eye Rear Parking Aid
Four Ultrasonic Sensors
Can be colour coded to the individual vehicle
Adjustable for Tow Bars & Bicycle Racks
This system we Install to either the front or rear of a vehicle, both ends can be done. The cost is per end of the vehicle and includes all paint and installation. The product is issued with a 3 year Nationwide warranty. We install these sensors to brand new vehicles and used for a majority of the main car dealers in and around Ipswich all general public enquiries are welcome.

From £199


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