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Info Plus 12 month Tracking Contract

Our Price: £17.17

So this is our most popular package used by dozens of local businesses in hundreds of vehicles. Lets see what you get in this package and how the 12 month payment plan works.
  • Free Installation on each vehicle
  • 3 months of no payments
  • 9 payments of £22.90 + vat  (equating to £17.17 per month over 12 months)
  • After 12 months upon renewal is an option to cancel without penalty
  • Info plus software

So what is InfoPlus software
  • Live internet tracking for multiple users
  • Daily/Weekly time sheets
  • Emailed time sheets
  • Vehicle route replay facility
  • real time tracking from any browser
  • 1 minute updates
  • Tailored daily and weekly reports
  • Real time geofencing alerts
  • Driving-style monitoring reports
  • Fleet Management organiser
  • IPhone App

In summary it will cost you 56 pence per vehicle a day for 12 months, you will have full control of your fleet from a computer, iPhone or iPad. Your business will save time, fuel and improve customer service. Call Simon Wallis now on 07525 729568 I will personally talk you through the system and also personally install each tracker to your vehicle.

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Simon Wallis