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HGV Side Scan

This system has become a legal requirement for any HGV vehicles entering the Cross Rail Project in London, with other areas of the country due to adopt this policy for any HGV's entering the city Centre, Cambridge being one of the latest.

The system is designed to warn pedestrians or cyclists when the vehicle is turning left. The system gives an warning outside the vehicle and the driver has an internal warning if the sensors detect someone in ay of the vehicles blind spots.

Whether you agree with this policy or not it is however essential if you wish to comply with new policies being introduced in our city Centre.

We are proud to be installing these systems for Fork Rent PLC & Breheny Civil Engineering 


Ultrasonic Sensor Warning System

Over the last few years vehicle safety devices such as extra mirrors or camera monitor systems with wider viewing angles have become mandatory. However, despite an increase in all-round visibility, collisions with other vehicles, fixed objects, cyclists, workers and even pedestrians, remain high.

Brigade’s range of ultrasonic sensor systems includes Backscan®, Frontscan®, Sidescan®, Cornerscan™ and Stepscan™ and all provide their own particular benefits from helping to reverse safely to nearside blind spot awareness; particularly relevant where cyclists and pedestrians can otherwise go unseen. 

All of our sensors provide the following benefits:

  • Gives peace of mind to the driver
  • Greater protection to pedestrians, cyclists and workers
  • Minimises damage to vehicle, property and other objects
  • Can be used in conjunction with Brigade’s camera monitor systems
  • Complies with certain worksite regulations