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Fleet Tracking

"We Can Help you with the mine field which is Fleet Tracking"

Whether your enquiry is for one vehicle or more we have the perfect tracking package for you. We have been involved with the consultation and installation of these system for hundreds of local businesses through out East Anglia over the last 9 years. Having worked with many different manufacturers and providers of fleet tracking equipment, we ourselves have evolved with the technology and changing needs of our customers.


Which Tracking Provider Do we endorse ?

We only provide Quartix fleet tracking, we have a long standing relationship with Quartix of over 7 years, even though we are contacted by other tracking companies Quartix is the company we have chosen to provide a service to our customers. The reason is simplicity Quartix make the software easy to work with, pricing is simple and so is installation.

How can fleet tracking save my business money ?

The cost of having a tracker installed per vehicle using our most popular pricing option is 56 pence per vehicle per day. This package includes a very important feature "driving style monitoring" with fuel now at record prices even a small fleet hemorrhages money in fuel costs.

  Not all but plenty of drivers using company vehicles quite bluntly drive poorly, its not their vehicle or fuel the result is higher fuel consumption than is really necessary. "driving style monitoring" monitors acceleration and deceleration every second,
it uses proven software to give each vehicle a score of driving efficiency.

By ranking the drivers in a league table your company is able to reward and discipline your drivers, the aim to improve driving, fuel efficiency and safety. Better utilisation can save up to 600 litres of fuel per year per vehicle, depending on mileage.

Savings on overtime payments can easily reach thousands of pounds a year - providing a return on investment from the outset. But the real boost to the bottom line comes from increased capacity: most of our customers can get more done each day by using the information that the Quartix system provides. This can help avoid costly weekend working or even enable you to expand the business without increasing fixed costs and manpower

So What Have We Ourselves Learnt !

What we have learnt is our customers want a simple to use system without complicated pricing options. Our customers want to work directly with us both when they choose the system and when we arrive at your premises to complete the installation. They want the familiarity and flexibility of using the same installer for the servicing and inevitable unit moves as vehicles are changed. This ensures speed and efficiency both in time and cost.

Even though we can provide a bespoke pricing package to suit your needs we find most of our customers find themselves choosing the package I will detail below.