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Digital DAB

Looking for DAB Digital Radio in your car? You’re in the right place

Do you listen to Digital Radio at home ? Dabmotion  allows you to continue to enjoy that experience in any car – from Absolute 80s to XFM via BBC 6 Music and Planet Rock – Enjoy your journey. Dabmotion is the complete and universal way to start listening to crystal clear digital radio in your car today. Designed, tested and sold by DABmotion, our product is an affordable way to upgrade to digital radio. Using RDS technology all station and track information is shown on the original stereo’s display. Our patented AFC technology delivers seamless digital radio with no interference on your travels. From the antenna to the remote, everything is included for the complete universal solution

At Wallis Vehicle Electronics we no loger offer the internal glass mount DAB Antenna with this product. Instead we have upgraded the package with an External DAB Glass Mount Antenna. The reason for this is simply because here in Suffolk we struggle with DAB signal strength in comparison to the rest of the country and quite frankly the internal aerial just isnt good enough.

The Price for this system installed with the upgraded DAB Antenna is £249 Installed

Please call 07525 729568 now if you would like a free Demo of this product in your own vehicle !